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Everyone is talking about Early Learning and Preschool right now and Child Care Resources is a key part of that conversation. We have been working since 1990 on improving the access to and quality of care in King County and Washington State. Here are some of the recent articles about CCR’s involvement in the community.

Read the Highline Times article about how our Careers Program trains local refugees and immigrants to work in high-quality child care centers.


Read the Bellevue Reporter article about how our Homeless Child Care Program helped Andrea out of a tough situation.


Learn how our Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Program teaches parents, family members and friends while they care for young children in this KUOW article.

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Hear CCR staff member Erin Welch share from her perspective as a parent how difficult it can be to pay for child care in this KPLU recording.


 Watch Tilman Smith, our Coaching Manager, discuss our Early Learning Academy program and the HighScope Curriculum in this segment of Our City, Our Schools













Read the Q13 Fox News transcript where Marty Jacobs, our Family Services Manager, shared the importance of having a backup plan for child care. 


Read the Highline Times article about how a local high school student made a difference in her community by raising support for our Homeless Child Care Program.


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The Science of Child Development

The Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) at the University of Washington is leading the way in research on early brain development. They are building an online library of resources for early learning professionals, parents, caregivers, policymakers, and interested community members. CCR is excited to partner with I-LABS to share this critical early learning information with the families and child care providers that we engage with every day. 

Each online module explores a specific topic in early brain science, such as imitation and language acquisition, and nests it within the larger landscape of child development.  All modules are free and are designed to be appropriate for use in everyday interactions with children, as well as for informing system-level programs and policies.

The library of online training modules can be viewed at

You can also learn about exciting research being done at I-LABS by joining them for a tour to see the only MEG Brain Imaging machine that records brain activity in infants during real-time interactions.

Photo credit Institute for Learning and Brain Science / University of Washington

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Careers program trains quality teachers

In 1998, Child Care Resources created the Careers Program to help low-income women gain employment in the child care field. Learn more…

It now does a great job of helping refuge and immigrant women and men move towards economic independence and it increases the diversity and quality of child care in King County.

The Careers Program, funded through the generosity of United Way of King County, is a comprehensive approach to ensure long-term success with trainings, mentoring, case management, internships and employment assistance. Low-income, refugee and immigrant women participate in culturally competent classes taught in multiple languages. Each year three cohorts of 15 to 30 women go through the twelve week program.  Currently, more than 50% of Careers graduates are employed in the early learning field!

Families of many cultures are seeking quality care for their young children, care which honor their culture and helps their children be prepared to succeed in school. Child Care Resources is proud of the Careers Program because it helps meet the need for diverse child care options in our diverse community.

Read the story about Careers program graduate Rasha Ibrahim in the Highline Times

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Kaleidoscope Play & Learn program designated a Promising Practice

Child Care Resources’ Kaleidoscope Play & Learn program was recently awarded Promising Practice designation by the University of Washington’s Evidence-Based Practice Institute. Kaleidoscope Play & Learn earned the designation by building the program on sound theory and foundational research and by producing evidence through evaluation that shows consistent, positive results for program participants.

Kaleidoscope Play & Learn is a program of weekly, facilitated play groups for young children and their Family, Friend and Neighbor caregivers and their parents. In the groups, families learn about child development and what they can do to support their children’s learning at home and in their neighborhoods.

“Kaleidoscope’s success and Promising Practice status is the result of the good-thinking and vision of dozens of community partners and funders and thousands of families who helped us shape and develop the program over the last 10 years,” said Lisa Conley, Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Program Coordinator. “It’s been an incredible and inspiring process to work with such committed and innovative people who were willing to try new ideas, learn and try again until we found what works best for children and families.”

From the outset, Kaleidoscope Play & Learn has measured its impact on the families it serves. ORS Impact has been our evaluation partner from the start.

“It has been amazing to see Kaleidoscope Play & Learn go from an idea that was being experimented with to meet the needs of underserved families and communities around Seattle to where it is today -- a program that can be implemented with confidence that makes a real difference to children and their caregivers,” noted Sarah Stachowiak, ORS Impact CEO and one of the founding members of Kaleidoscope’s evaluation team.

Tanya Laskelle, Family Support Services Director at Center for Human Services, has also been part of the team since the beginning. Tanya started as a group facilitator and now manages the Center for Human Services’ nine weekly Kaleidoscope groups. She hears from families about the positive impact the program has on their lives and the lives of their children.

“We receive such overwhelming feedback from our participants that Kaleidoscope Play & Learn is such a good fit for them because it impacts the entire family,” Tanya observed. “The program meets families where they’re at. It takes them on a journey that connects them with resources, ideas and experiences that lead to their child’s school readiness and build parents’ and caregivers’ confidence.”

To learn more about Kaleidoscope Play & Learn, click here


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Welcome to Child Care Resources

Since 1990, Child Care Resources has helped to build a strong early learning system for all children in King County. We work with families, caregivers and early learning professionals, and collaborate with community partners to ensure that every child has a great start.

We are a trusted resource for families seeking child care. Our team of experts is available by phone or email to help families explore their early learning options and to make informed choices about this important decision.

We partner with early learning professionals as they develop high-quality care. Through coaching and professional development, we help early learning teachers increase the quality of care available for all children.

We are a collaborator, advocate and data resource in our community, ensuring everyone understands the value of early learning and growing support for key policies that support quality early learning.

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