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Child Care Resources coordinates a state-wide network of affiliate family support organizations, schools, and libraries that provide more than 80 group sessions per week. To ensure every group's success, we provide:

  • Guidelines
  • Materials, such as the Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Planning Handbook and Tool Kit and the Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Caregiver Lesson Guides
  • Consultation and technical assistance to schools and community based organizations on planning and implementation
  • Activity ideas on pinterest! Click the icon on the right to access.
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KP&L prepares children for kindergarten!

Year after year, our annual evaluation finds that Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups lead to positive impacts on families and their children.

  • 84% of caregivers use community activities or services more often than they did before joining their KP&L group to help the child in their care learn and be healthy.
  • 86% of partcipating caregivers reported feeling more supported as a parent or caregiver in their community since joining Kaleidoscope Play & Learn.
  • 78% of participating caregivers better understand the role they play in helping the child in their care prepare for kindergarten since joining Kaleidoscope Play & Learn.

What Parents and Caregivers Say

“I think my child has learned quickly and benefits from the program every day. I put into practice what you teach us to help my child in their development. I have seen the importance of reading to him and taking time to play with him and to see his learning progress.”

Mother of 1 year old
Translated from Spanish


“After participating in Play and Learn, my granddaughter has become more active, enjoys talking, singing songs and learned to count. I have learned how to play with children. I enjoy playing with my granddaughter and learning about how she develops. Thank you teacher--you guys work hard!”

Grandmother with 2 year old
Translated from Chinese


“I have set time for my child to play and read. My time is more organized and I feel like I'm on the right path to getting my child ready for school.”

Mother of 4 year old
Translated from Somali


“Before I found out about this program, I felt isolated and the kids in my care did not have opportunities to socialize, especially with a diverse group of people. Now we are part of a loving and diverse community!”

Nanny for 1 year old


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