Annual Benefit Luncheon

Thank you so much for all of the supporters, volunteers, and community members who made our event possible! Our luncheon raised more than $160,000 with your help.

From left to right: Emcee Fred Northup, Jr., Rep. Tana Senn, CCR CEO Deeann Puffert, Keynote Dr. Ajay Chaudry, Testimonial speaker Mari Deering

Our program featured keynote speaker Dr. Ajay Chaudry, author of Cradle to Kindergarten:

"There is a large achievement gap between children growing up in low-income families and their peers in more advantaged situations, and the disparities have been large and growing...We have to realize that these are ALL of our children, because they are the people who will shape our society for years to come."



Were you unable to attend the luncheon this year? Make a meaningful gift here to show your support.