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Handbooks and Program/Staff Policies and Procedures are key pieces of running a successful family child care (and they are required in the WACs). Child Care Resources has created easy to use templates for both of these documents so that you can customize each one to the specific needs of your child care. Each template includes instructions on how to use and customize the documents. Both documents have been reviewed by the Department of Early Learning, so they meet basic licensing guidelines. If requested you can receive printed versions of the templates as well as electronic versions. Electronic versions will be emailed within 3 business days.

Family Child Care Parent Handbook - $30.00
This template covers all the parent policies required by each family child care provider to share with their families. It is customizable to reflect your child care!

Program and Staff Policies and Procedures - $20.00
This template will help you describe your child care policies and procedures, outline staff requirements and satisfy the WAC requirements!

Disclaimer: These templates are provided as examples only. They are intended to be a source of information and not an opinion or legal advice regarding any specific situation or policy. Licensing requirements and labor laws are constantly changing. Different laws and procedures may apply in different circumstances. You should always consult with your licensor to comply with all local, state and government laws and requirements.

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Family Child Care Parent Handbook Template
Child Care Resources makes it easy with our sample parent handbook that covers all parent policies required by licensing.
Family Child Care Program and Staff Policies and Procedures Template and Instructions
Template to complete your Policies and Procedures as required by the FCC WAC’s. Fill in the blanks with the details of your program.
Full set - Buy both templates and save!
(save $5)
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