Child Care Careers Program

Child Care Aware of Washington reported in their 2014 Child Care Data Report that in the past five years child care capacity in our state has dropped about 8%, creating a significant shortage statewide. As our population increases in both numbers and ethnical demographics, there is also a need for more cultural diversity among child care providers to more appropriately reflect the diversity of the children and their communities.

Our Child Care Careers Program addresses these issues not only by certifying and increasing the pool of child care providers eligible to work in the child care field, but also recruiting participants from a globally and culturally diverse demographic of mostly refugees and immigrants.

Students complete a 12-week program that includes classroom training and an internship at a licensed child care center. Training topics covered include Health and Safety, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Social and Emotional Development, computer literacy and job application skills. The impacts of this program for graduates themselves are many—improved English language skills, finance and computer skills and the creation of job opportunities.

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