Family, Friends, and Neighbors Caring for Young Children

Nearly 75% of young children in our state are cared for by family (including parents), friends, and neighbors rather than by licensed providers in family child care or center-based programs; and this percentage grows within communities of color and low-income families. 

CCR supports these FFN caregivers primarily through Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups (KP&L) - weekly facilitated groups that offer parents and other caregivers the opportunity to support their children's early learning through everyday activities, and to build relationships with other participants. These weekly groups are led in families’ native languages and within their own communities. Deemed a promising practice by the University of Washington's Evidence Based Practice Institute, KP&L groups are held in more than 120 community sites across Washington State and are offered in 10 different languages. The KP&L curriculum has been adopted by government agencies and private community organizations in eight other states as well.

When families have information about how children learn and grow, and resources to support early learning and early development, the children in their care will be prepared to succeed in school and later on in life.

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