Critical support for families experiencing homelessness

Homelessness in both King and Pierce Counties has increased to crisis level in the past year. United Way of King County reports that King County homelessness has increased by 19%, and that a staggering 40% of homeless children are under the age of four. Pierce County Community Connections reported a 37% increase in overall homelessness while the number of homeless families rose by a devastating 50%. Increased homelessness has a negative impact not only on the families, children and individuals experiencing it, but also on the economic health and overall well-being of entire communities.

CCR’s mission is to ensure that every child has a strong start in life through access to safe, high-quality child care. This is especially important for children who are experiencing homelessness, who live in unpredictable, chaotic circumstances, with disruptions in their physical environments and interpersonal relationships—conditions that research proves can be harmful to cognitive and social-emotional development. A safe and stable learning environment and a nurturing caregiver can buffer the daily stresses faced by children experiencing homelessness.

CCR’s Homeless Child Care Program supports King and Pierce County children and families in their efforts to end their homeless experience through short-term child care subsidy and enhanced referral coordination to other early intervention and basic needs resources. We also coach child care providers to ensure they are able to navigate the complexities of working with these vulnerable children.

For more information or to access CCR's Homeless Child Care subsidy program, click here and scroll towards the bottom of the page. 

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