Our Advocacy Agenda

In order to realize our vision of giving every child a great start in school and in life, Child Care Resources advocates on behalf of children, families, and child care providers to ensure that our state systems support and serve them as well as possible.

CCR's official 2018 legislative agenda is as follows:


2018 Washington State Legislative Agenda Lead Priorities


1.   Increase Working Connections Child Care Reimbursement Rates

  • Current reimbursement rates cover only 65% of the average cost of care in King and Pierce County in programs that have rated high quality through Early Achievers.  
  • Rating high quality will become mandatory for providers taking subsidy; thus creating a difficult situation where providers are consistently under-reimbursed for the quality they are required to deliver.
  • King and Pierce Counties are particularly impacted by the current low reimbursement rates due to the high cost of doing business in the region.  Raising reimbursement rates would increase the number of providers willing to take state subsidy resulting in high needs children having greater access to high quality child care and increase pay for child care professionals resulting in less teacher turnover and better outcomes for children.

2.    Fully Fund Early Achievers

  • Teachers who understand childhood development provide age appropriate care that supports a child’s cognitive and social emotional development resulting in Kindergarten readiness.  Research demonstrates that teachers are more effective with increased education.
  • Restoring cuts to scholarship funds for providers desiring to pursue Early Childhood Education degrees results in more effective teachers and children ready to learn in Kindergarten.

3.   Expand Extended Day (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.) Year Round ECEAP Slots into High Quality Child Care Programs

  • Many ECEAP eligible families need full time year round care to be able to go to work or school and cannot use traditional ECEAP slots (4 hours/day).
  • Without extended day ECEAP slots, children’s days are disrupted as they move between two early learning settings in order to cover a full day of care.
  • By using available slots in high quality child care, ECEAP would be able to serve all of the eligible families in communities across Washington who have been waiting for openings that meet their family’s needs.  

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