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All of us at Child Care Resources are committed to providing children with the best possible start to life, as well as providing the training and support that Early Learning Professionals need.

CCR is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity among our staff. We strongly encourage people of color, people who speak a second language, and people with disabilities to apply.

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Mobilization Coordinator

Description: Nature & Scope: • Convening community engagement events and focus groups: Gather input from providers, families, and caregivers through virtual focus groups and small-group meetings to shape our advocacy strategy, and offer educational and mobilization opportunities to build capacity and energy in our community for advocacy activities. Work with staff to outreach to providers and families through existing CCR-facilitated learning communities and relationships, and by doing virtual outreach with community partners. • Organizing meetings with legislators: Schedule and manage logistics for virtual meetings with legislators. Recruit providers and families to participate in meetings. Offer one-on-one and group training with providers, families, and staff to prepare for meetings. • Preparing staff & community for the 2021 legislative session: Offer 1 training for staff and 1 training for providers and families on advocacy. Create flexible tools for advocacy activities such as postcards. Plan and executive the annual agency-wide advocacy event, with assistance from the Policy & Advocacy Manager. • Setting up & managing internal structures for advocacy: Work with CCR program staff to embed advocacy opportunities in existing staff interactions with clients and community partners. Manage a system for story-collecting from the community and develop equity-based storytelling practices amongst staff to support clients with storytelling for advocacy.

Compensation: $55,000-$65,000 Posting Date: October 7, 2020 Click for full description (pdf)